Friday, December 29, 2006

Goldwork experiments

This year, I've tried to recreate two 14th century goldwork embroidery purses that I really love : the Tongeren purse 23 and the Herman von Goch golden purse with the little dog (so cute!!) I used Japanese Gold K4, 0.5 mm and it doesn't really work: its too thick/ coarse. I've decided to stop working on those purses for now, until I find gold thread that is more suitable. In a comment to a post on the Tongeren purse, Gina advised me to take a look at Benton & Johnson for gold thread that is thinner. If a find something more suitable, I'll tell you. For now, I'll show some pictures of what my first attempts look like and what needs to be changed.

These are the leafs of the Tongeren purse: the front look ok, but there's too much gold thread left at the back. The leafs are very small (about 2 cm). I'm not sure whether the gold thread was couched and turned at the surface, or whether each thread was couched individually, without turning (which is the technique I used in the picture below).

This is my first attempt to recreate the dog. I saw this purse in the Stadtmuseum in Koln, and it is very small (ca 10 cm), with a very small 3D embrodiered dog in goldwork (ca 4cm -2 cm). The goldthread used was finer than what I used here. I think the dog was made separately and stiched onto the goldwork surface of the purse:

And the surface of the purse, with the text balloon:


Anonymous said...

It's really beautifull! Can I ask You where did You get the linen on which you're doing emroidery? I've tried to find one like that, but it's quite difficult...

Machteld said...

The dog's linen is antique linen which I bought from Sammy de Zoete:

I bought the linen fabric of the purse in a knitting/embroidery shop in the Netherlands. Take a look here:

or here:

Anonymous said...

Thank You:) I've found a linen in Poland, and I'm trying to do my first embroidered purse... You will see it on my website ( soon:)

Isis said...

hi cailin,

on your blog you have some photo's of you (?) wearing a blue dress with a fur collar and a frilled veil.
it's all about the frilled veil for me. i've been doing a lot of research on frilled veils last year, and writing two articles about them.
now i'm really curious how you made yours :-) it looks very pretty!

i couldn't find your e-mailaddress, and don't understeand one word of polish, except for the word 'wiek' so i didn't understeand how i had to leave a comment on your blog either.

so i'll try this way and hope you read this!

and i whish you success with your embroidery!

Machteld said...

Cailin, thanks for posting your website! Alltough I don't read Polish :-) I was impressed by the things you made, eg the hairnet! Good luck with the purse, and let us know when it's finished

Anonymous said...

Hi :) For everybody who doesn't speak polish, I will try to make a post in english with my frilled veil. I don't know if I can explain it well, but I'll try. For the moment- Happy new year!!!

Unknown said...

I've had success with turning the gold at the edges, rather than doing one strand per row. There's a lot less waste that way. Gorgeous work!

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