Tuesday, December 12, 2006

French knots

Aachen (Germany), Domschatz
Chormantel (Cappa Leonis), 14th century
Silk velvet, silver bells, embroidery
Lenght: 143 cm
When I went to see the Dommuseum in Aachen last spring, I did not expect to find a 14th century coronation mantle there.
Some additions date to the 15th and 16th centuries, but the white flowers all over the mantle are believed to be late 14th century. These flowers are particluarly interesting. The petals are made with white silk, and the heart is yellow. The colours may have been faded. The flowers are embroidered using the French Knot stitch. I don't believe I've seen this stitch used on 14th century embroideries anywhere else before.

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Machteld said...

What are french knots? Is it a type of embroidery that is described here?

That would be very nice! I'd love to try to find out how it works. It's really such a shame that there are so few secular garments left: it would be so nice to have this type of flowers embroidered on a dress, purse ...

Which reminds me of something else: you told me once that you'd like to make a hair net (haarnet?). This must be an inspiring picture :-)

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