Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another Swiss 1320 purse

I knew there was another Swiss 1320 purse, in the same style as those in the Landesmuseum. I'ts in the Cloisters Musuem in New York, and I finally found a picture of it! It's in this book:

Hoving, T. Husband, T., Hayward, J. (1975) The secular spirit: life and art at the end of the Middle Ages, New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art

I couln't find an online picture, so I'll try to describe it here. The bag is embroidered with a picture of two lovers under a tree with flowers. The background is covered in silver gilt thread, which is unusual. The picture is framed by an embroidered band with flowers and fairy tale creatures, a bit like purse LM 1825 b. The tassels are also the same style as those in the Landesmuseum.

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Stabbed! said...

Thanks for the reference. I'm also doing research on medieval embroidery.

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