Sunday, November 12, 2006

Green dress

Me, in late 14th century dress. The dress is made out of very fine wool, woven with a twill pattern, and lined with off white fine linen. It's laced up at the front (at the moment I'm still using a cotton lace, but I'm about to order beautiful silk in two shades of green to make a matching lace). It has buttons around the wrist which are unbuttoned in this picture, so that's why you can see the lining there.

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Selena said...

This dress is beautiful. Did you work from a pattern and if so, is it a pattern I could buy some were? I make a lot of my own dresses and they always have a historical look to them. I am all over the age map so to speak. But I would love a dress like this, any help would be much appertained. Thank you Selena
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