Thursday, November 23, 2006

Frilled headwear again

I'm working on a new experiment (the last one I have to do before I can finish my article). I've only completed three layers so far, but there are going to be twelve in total. I like the three layers actually. They look like this one in Ulm (Germany):

I might be going to make myself a frilled veil with three layers soon. I would so like to have one!

An official description of the Kruseler Project can be found here.


Machteld said...

I would really like to see some step by step pictures of how you made this. It looks so complicated. I think three layers are beautiful, twelve are a lot...

Anonymous said...

I just made one of these, on a whim, with no specific research. (I looked at your pictures, of course, but I'm usually too lazy to read up on things so I just experiement - sometimes the end result is what I wanted, sometimes not so much...) My veil looks like your "3 layer veil", but it has 4 layers...? Probably just a different technique. Will post a step-by-step at any day now. Thanks for posting pictures of your veil, it's a great inspiration! :)

Anonymous said...

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