Sunday, September 03, 2006


"Archaeology is rather like a vast, fiendish jigsaw invented by the devil as an instrument of tantalising torment since:
  • it will never be finished
  • you don't know how many pieces are missing
  • most of them are lost for ever
  • you can't cheat by looking at the picture."
Bahn P., Bluff your way in archaeology,
Ravette Books, Horsham, 1989.

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Gina-B said...

Hi Isis!
I've just been really busy with my real job (always am in July, Aug and Sept!). So, my silkwork ends up taking a bit of a back-seat for a while. I didn't realise you had a blog, I'll add a link next time I update. (this week I hope). Are you well? I hope so! Your work is stunning. Elizabeth will be attending the frilled edges seminar and I'm so jealous she'll be able to meet both you and Camilla...
All the best,

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