Thursday, August 17, 2006

What a mess!

I can't believe I can still work and live here. My table is full with unfinished and finished purses, balls of wool and other threads, finished corsages, bags with buttons, books, a piece of frilled veil, pencils, scissors, AND a computer.
It's a mess, that I really need to clean up.

But first someting on recent work I have been doing. Here is a picture of a purse I have been writing about some days ago.
It's a comission from a member of the Liebaart. I used his heraldic colours and coat of arms. The original (In the Sint Servatius Kerk in Maastricht) hasn't got a coat of arms on it and has got gold thread instead of yellow.
I have already made the tassels, but still need to do the gimp to cover the heads with.
And then I only need to put all the pieces together and do some fingerloopbraids.

I always keep forgetting about the silk I need to order for the gimp-cord. As I forget about lots of other things I need to do. I have just made a to-do list. I hope that helps.

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